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What is the problem with your happy clients?

Happy customers tell 2 or 3 people
Unhappy customers tell everyone!

Get your happy customers to tell more people with Video Testimonials

Using Video on your website is a proven method to make visitors consume your content and stay longer, however, video testimonials have the edge to help convert those browsers into customers. Watch the video to find out why…

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Bright Light Film creates customer testimonial videos to use current customers to gain new customers.

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5 Simple Steps to a Successful Video Testimonial

Meet Up

We meet to discuss your business, your requirements and how we can encourage your clients to tell other people how good you are.

Devise Questions

Together we devise an excellent set of interview questions ready for filming. These questions will bring out the best answers and stories from your clients.

Stress Free Filming

Bright Light Film creates a relaxed & prepared environment for filming. The process is very quick and non-disruptive to your client taking up very little of their time.

Website Film ready

Once the film is ready it can start working hard for you. It can be placed everywhere you want it. On websites social media, email marketing etc.

Lots of Clients

Your film improves SEO on your website, helping draw traffic, increasing engagement and conversation rates. It is also valuable fresh content which Google ranks favourably. This is where you can watch your leads generate.

Get started using Video Testimonials today

Call Clare on 07966 522904


Why you should use video testimonials for attracting more customers…

Whether your company is selling a product or service, professional video testimonials have the power to swing purchasing decisions in your favor in a big way. Here’s why:

Social media and video testimonials

People find it easier to watch a video than reading text and a video testimonial will hold their attention for longer. 340,000 years of online videos are watched every day. YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google.
Video testimonials also have a unique ability to build a community among consumers much faster than any other method. And now with the abundance of social media sites, within a few clicks, your films can be shared and seen by many hundreds of people with very little effort.

Establish trust with the brand

Giving your clients the opportunity to offer their opinions adds a powerful layer of authenticity transparency to your brand. Viewers can watch real people provide genuine feedback, and the topics they cover will often address their main concerns about your business. The video hits many more senses than text alone and humans pick up on all the non-verbal cues that are conveyed through video. It’s more about what you’re not saying that people can draw opinions on.

Loyal clients will be happy to help

A video is such a powerful vehicle to communicate experience, and using it strategically will work wonders for any business. Leverage your loyal customers by asking them to provide testimonials about your business. If the video testimonials come across as honest and trustworthy, more and more potential customers will respond, translating into great results for your bottom line.

Real recommendations rock

Hearing and seeing real people endorse your product service or brand carries huge weight. These are opinions from real people can’t be faked. People engage with what they have to say and will stay on your site for longer. This is creating great website content which Google loves.

Content is king

There are rules about creating good testimonials. Bad quality videos can reflect negatively on your brand or company. When working with a company to produce your business’s video testimonials, it’s important to be clear on your messaging. Simple storytelling can be very effective that contains genuine details.

The magic bullet

Video testimonials are the Marketing Magic Bullet for your business. If positioned properly, professional-looking videos are some of the most powerful tools a business can have in its marketing toolbox. The top places to promote your testimonial videos are: on your website, on relevant social media platforms, in an e-mail signature, in-store displays, presentations, trade shows, client quotes, and proposals.

Building your reputation and extending your reach far beyond your website…

Bright Light Film will not only create customer sucking videmonials but it will also create a strategic plan to have those videos spread far and wide across the Internet. Using the latest in state of the art Search Engine Optimisation processes your customer testimonial videos will be popping up all over the web for a select set of keywords that pinpoint people that are already searching for a business like yours to fulfill their buying needs and desires.

The Video SEO process:


Du-diligent keyword research to discover the best search terms for your products or services.


Videmonials optimized per keyword for maximum exposure and attraction.


Using accounts across 30 of the most popular search engine video channels to drive customers to your videos and your business. Plus utilizing all the social media channels that you don’t have time to use as well.

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